Our Treatments

  • Back Pain
  • Slipped-disc
  • Rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Muscular problems
  • Digestive trouble
  • Blood clotting on brain related diseases
  • Sports-related ailments. etc.

Ulakudaperumal Marma Thirumu Kalari Sangam promotes and provide absolute training in Kalaripayattu and also other performing arts of kerala in the lineage and tradition. With the grant of state and central government, 'Marma Chikithsa' is also practiced. Disciples from far and wide proves its advocacy of the institution. Mr. G.Vishwanathan along with his students had conducted many demonstrations within India and abroad.Ulakudaperumal Marma Thirumu Kalari Sangam also offers certificate course in Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art of India. It is designed to meet the interests of the student to become a professional in Kalaripayattu.


The childrens, woman & everyone who study the kalari,can achieve a healthy body & mind and can get relief from all the diseases & disorders. The one who is 5 years old and above can start practicing kalari. With the grant of central and state government,Kerala's ancient martial art 'Kalaripayattu' & 'marma chikitsa' is practising by 'Ulakudaperumal marma thirumu kalari sangham
          At the state level,and in national level and in republic parade, even in foreign countries, these sangam practising the martial art kalaripayattu. Treatments are also done in foriegn countries and is very popular. Many people of different walks of life within India and abroad come in contact to study kalaripayattu. 

UKP Kalarisangam is providing free training to talented poor youths. The training in this martial art is given as per the traditional Gurukula Sampradaya.The youths from below poverty line will be given free training and boarding along with their other requirements such as health, education etc.We appeal to likeminded and generous donors to donate in the Corpus Fund of the sangam, to expand our activities and spread the martial arts to the needy poor. The donations may be made in the Account No.31107921476 (State Bank of India).Please contact us by email (ukpkalari@gmail.com) for details.



  • Six Month training course where held for studing kalaripayattu with accomodation.
  • One Year Course were held for studying 'Marma' with accomodation.
  • Three year training course to study ayurvedic treatment with accomadation.
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